Our actions in the World

Since its creation in 1945, Secours populaire has helped people who are the victims of insecurity, poverty and natural disasters and conflicts both in France and across all continents.

Poverty in the World brings with it lack of access to food, care and education and the first victims are children. SPF leads its international aid projects in partnership with local associations who are close to the people. SPF wishes to support and reinforce the capacities of these international partners.

If Secours populaire responds to emergencies, its projects are above all designed to ensure sustainable development. The association works with a network of partners and competencies including 129 local associations.
In 2011, the SPF supported 215 emergency actions or development projects in 57 countries: hydraulic management and planning, support to child victims of AIDS, nutritional programmes, activities generating income to improve living conditions in health centres, development of small-scale fishing…